Occupational Therapy

Last week, I dropped G off at her 1 hour and 15 minute long once a week tumbling/gymnastics class.
Instead of driving back and forth, I decided to give myself a pedicure while waiting in the parking lot.

I spent one day over the weekend altering a dress for a young friend of mine.
Her parents bought us a delicious dinner and then more friends helped us with a complicated furniture move.

The coldish weather has put me on a soup kick.
So far I've made homemade beef and cabbage soup, and homemade chicken soup.

Spent tuesday at the doctor's office.
It has been determined that G's sudden temporary loss of partial vision during volleyball practice was due to an opthalmic migraine. Nothing life threatening.

Also on a tuesday, we socialized.

I've been trying to purge.
I have been getting rid of clothes.
I have also been purchasing new ones. (new to me anyway)

A very late ending to a volleyball evening last night.
I am trying to  curb the disorder in my home.
Physically and mentally.

Today while awaiting the results of a situation that we had attended to--I decided to tackle matching all the unmatched socks in our house.

I shall cook salmon tonight.