Just Equalizing

I am the exskindiver because of an old interest called Skin Diving.
Skin Diving is the act of swimming freely underwater with a mask, fins and the optional snorkel.
The difference between snorkeling and skin diving is that snorkelers stay mostly in the surface.
Skin divers swim down deep while breath holding - to varying depths (between 30-50+ ft.)
Extreme skin divers go down hundreds of feet deep
(also called Free Diving, done with self propulsion units, sleds or weights, so one can go deep, fast).

To compensate for depth pressure, one must equalize so as not to hurt one's ears.
Equalizing is done by squeezing your nose and blowing with your mouth closed until a clicking or high pitched pifff sound is heard in your head.
The deeper you go, the more you must equalize .

Not at all unlike life.
Distractions, negotiations, rationalizations, complete denial, make-up, miracle bras, zappos.com, alcohol, prayer, narcotics, chocolate, blogs, sleep, certain people, love...the list is endless.
All equalizing tools in this ocean of life.

I am just equalizing and I can be reached at Exskindiver@gmail.com.