Seven Years Ago Today

We are all going to die.
(This is my new mantra.)
Ever since
Our friends' 18 year old son died in an accident
last Easter Sunday, I've become more accepting of this thought.

The Prince and the Pauper.
The same day that the singer Prince died, an uncle of mine died in the Philippines.
My uncle was 80 years old.
My sister told me that
right after he died, he was cremated immediately.
Literally taken from his bed to the crematorium.
No nonsense.
Just the bare bones necessity for a man who was waiting for his certainty.

Death has no rules.
No method.
While most of the time there might be a progression to this event--the "when" is never a given.
Neither faith, health, money, fame, nor irresponsibility guarantees our path nor longevity.

Don't dread don't dwell.
Let Go, Let God.
These are the mantras I test drive on this trip.

Last night
I told Steve that in the event that I kick the bucket unexpectedly,
he is to tell people of my mantra:
"We are all going to die someday. 
I am prepared to meet my Maker."
Without taking his eyes from the TV screen
his response was,
"Well, I hope that all works out for you."

Seven years ago my dad died.
I used to think that it was just yesterday
That I could hear him say:
"Less talk, less mistake. No talk, no mistake."
but now it seems like such a lifetime ago.
I wonder why that is.


Found #9 Today

This is a license plate game that I play.
(Now looking for 10.)
Coincidentally, the Internet says that today is national sibling day.
I associate the number 9 with the number of siblings in my family.
It was always a thing.
People always commented on our a big family.
They liked to count us as we unloaded from the two cars necessary to get us to church.
Our set table for dinner looked like a dinner party.
But Nope. Not a party. Just supper for a big family.
How my mother did it, I just don't know.