I decided to take a break.
I went to see a movie all by myself. (yes, third movie this week)
The Intern, starring Robert De Niro and Anne Hathaway.
I enjoyed my day off.

Today both girls are off from school and were invited by JB’s daughters to go to the trampoline park we discovered when we went see Woodlawn.
Gabi wanted to go, but Kika did not feel up to it.
In the interest of healthy movement and personally, my not wanting to be left with a moody 16 year old, I coerced Kika to go. (yes I threatened)
Sometimes, you gotta do, whatcha gotta do.


More Movies...

Steve and I saw this last night.
The movie was interesting, but nothing you had to leave the house for.  The actor that played Steve Jobs did not look like Steve Jobs.
Michael Stuhlbarg (Boardwalk Empire), who played one of Jobs’ friends--to me is a dead ringer for Joaquin Phoenix.
Too bad this was not a movie about Joaquin Phoenix...


Movie Recommendation

Right after attending church, we all went to see the movie Woodlawn.
I highly recommend it.
I found the film to be extremely fascinating, and so ended up googling all the people this movie was based on.
It is really a remarkable story.
This time, my family was not annoyed with me for insisting we see an “uplifting” film.
They enjoyed it too.


Kika's second deer in her life.

No Nick, she did not sneak up on this deer and strangle it.
For those of you unschooled in deer hunting--
After you shoot a deer, you field dress it (cut its belly open and remove all the organs)
Then, you hang it on a tree so that all the blood drains out.

More and more I am less against deer hunting and eating deer meat, knowing that this food source did not suffer in the process of nourishing me. On the other hand,
My friend CK just informed me of how Veal (which is young cow meat) is made tender.
Baby cows are basically imprisoned in a small enclosure so that they don’t move and develop muscles. I had no idea. (Thankfully I do not happen to be a veal aficionado)
This knowledge is making me understand vegans and vegetarians.
I get it.


Facial Recognition/Age Progression

I just finished watching the latest episode of Homeland--
One of the characters featured briefly was this guy ^
William R. Moses.
His character on Homeland was the US Ambassador to Berlin who gets fired.
He appeared for less than a minute, an insignificant role really, yet I was gripped.
Not by his acting but because I recognized him. ('tis my gift)
Last time I saw him was in the 80's. 
Back then he was Cole from Falcon Crest.
I think I had a crush on him.
I know I've already mentioned this but I have this uncanny ability to remember and recognize faces.
It is a talent that has no commercial value.


Engagement Photo

"Hello MJCY here from SFO for a day for son's CMU tour....why, we have on identical sweaters!"


Flo Is A Mensch (a person with integrity and honor)

To give credit where credit is due, I am quite impressed with Progressive Insurance.
The woman who hit my car last week had Progressive Insurance.
Progressive was very prompt in setting up my repair and had my car back exactly 4 days after I took it in. They also had a rental car waiting for me to use the entire time my car was in the shop.
And, I did not have to pay for anything.
No waiting for claim filing, reimbursement, insurance adjusters or estimators.
I was pleasantly surprised at the swift and convenient service Progressive provided for me, considering I am not their insured.
Not only did they repair the damage, but they also meticulously washed and cleaned the car inside and out!  That was nice.
If  we were not with a pretty decent insurance (USAA, the type for military families--due to Steve's dad)
I would definitely make the switch.
This is an unpaid endorsement.
I just thought I would write this for anyone out there wondering.