The Odds

What are the odds that I would be looking for an old tooth brush to scrub the stubborn dirt in the grout of my bathroom?
What are the odds of my finding anything in our haystack of a bathroom closet? (it is too awful that I can't even post a picture)

Yet I stumbled upon a lost wedding ring while trying to find a tool to help me with a task that I don't normally do.

The odd thing is, I found this ring today after a slightly ugly exchange I had with Steve last night.
We had a bit of a dispute regarding "policies and procedures."

I told him that my one wish for my family was that we would become closer to each other and become God-centered.
(okay that was two.)
And then not two minutes later I told him to "eff off."

What on earth!!??
Clearly I had misplaced the Holy Spirit.
It happens.
Just like his misplaced wedding ring.

When he thought he lost it a few weeks ago at the property, I handed him his original wedding ring from 20 years ago. (nice try)
I told him that since I loved those rings we bought at an arts festival, that I would pray that it will turn up. 
Again, as always--he doubted we would see it again.

We made up before sleeping last night but when I woke up,  I felt lousy as I was replaying that exchange.
So lousy that I kinda cried about it to my friend SL, before I decided to keep praying and scrubbing my bathroom.
You can only imagine my pleasant surprise when I accidentally stumbled upon the ring that Steve was convinced was lost in the woods 90 miles away.

Not only was this ring under a heap of rags, cleaning supplies, plastic bags, a vomit bucket, a mop, a toilet plunger and other odds and ends but it was also sitting IN an empty soap dish!
(meaning it did not roll in, or get kicked in accidentally after slipping off his finger)

What are the odds that I would find a symbol of unity after last night?
As Steve likes to say: "one in three."