D is for Digesting

I am sipping coffee to wash down the oatmeal I just ate for breakfast a few minutes ago.
It is past 1 in the afternoon.
I fueled up so that I would have the energy to run before 3 pm--when my afternoon shift begins.
Despite the fact that I made my bed before driving the girls to school (a Deterrent for me to nap in it),
I climbed back into it.

I am not alarmed.
I am trying not to be so rigid.
Even though routine is something really important when one works with being predisposed to you know, D, (I mean Depression, not Donuts)--it is also equally important to take a few breaks.
This morning's Drizzle and being SHOELESS on my Drive home, I took as a sign.

I had another Discussion with my eldest daughter, this time about sharing gum with her sister.
And then right as we pulled up to the school, that sister realized that she had left her sneakers at home.
So I promptly whipped off my one-size-bigger-than-her-feet running shoes, handed it to her, and Drove home in my socks.

Once home, I skipped my morning coffee, skipped my prayer/meditation, skipped cleaning up the morning kitchen mess and went to bed.

While in bed, I realized that a lot of things and experiences that I am grateful for, also wipe me out.
For last night's grand finale for the week, I accidentally dropped my wallet at a movie theater.
It contained an unusually large amount of cash and gift cards in it.
(like $1600.00 large--it's a long story)
We were able to Drive back and retrieve it from one of the employees, (we miraculously knew) who was able to find it, miraculously intact.

So awed by God's goodness, I said to Steve, "what are the odds of that?"
To which he replied, "1 in 3."

And now that I have Digested my oatmeal, I shall go for a run.