Random Thoughts Regarding Our Overnight

"Hey keep an eye on Steve. Something may be wrong with him." Steve's-bro-Tim said this to me gravely.
"What do you mean??!"
I sat up from my sunday afternoon reading.  We were at the hunting property.
He had my full attention.
My mind started racing.
Chest pains? Did he hit his head? Is he concussed? Lupus? Is it Lupus??

"I don't know, but it looks like he is actually going to wash your car."
I felt my ears warm up and the blood return to my face.
Very funny.
Tim successfully dead panned scared me.

Earlier in the day I heard G call out, "hey guys, wanna ride the tractor bucket?"
Uncle Tim was giving rides. After the bucket ride she forgave "Acquaintance Tim"  for dismantling the eyesore homemade fort they built a few weeks ago.
And then Steve taught K how to drive a quad.
"He just taught me how to drive it, but I am not allowed to use it." she clarified.
(A quad is death on wheels. it  has no roof, no roll bar, and no seat belt.)
Before the tractor and quad rides,  the girls stuffed Pax into a sleeping bag and carried him up a steep ladder leading to a loft.
Getting him down was about as dangerous as the rides.

We were supposed to take two cars but after K's friends left last saturday, I did not feel like driving 90 miles.
I wanted to sleep.
Plus I knew that Steve was going bow hunting--so it was not like it was--in my opinion, going to be a family oriented overnight trip.
But in the interest of keeping us all together, Steve waited and urged me to come along in one car.

While he was hunting last saturday, I experienced riding with K for the first time since she got her permit a few days ago.
While she is actually a pretty good beginner driver, I found myself praying the entire time she was driving.

It is becoming very clear to me that giving up control is a very spiritual experience.
There is no difference between allowing other people to define safety or sitting beside my 16 year old learning how to drive.
The ability to give up control is directly proportional to the amount of faith one develops.

At some point on Sunday Steve asked me, "are you able to rest here?"
I paused for a brief second before saying, "yes."

Our  quick weekend.