Game On: Now looking for 0003

I always notice license plates.
DZ told me about a game her GZ used to play.
Ever since she told me about it, I had been watching out for a plate number 0001, and I had been telling my daughters to help me so that I could start my own game.
Last friday I finally found one on my way to pick up the birthday cake.
And then yesterday on our way home from the property, about a quarter mile from our house I saw a parked car with this:

Despite the fact that we were tired, it was cold and drizzling, G had to pee badly and K still had to get to (recreational league) basketball practice--K excitedly told me that she would go with me to take its picture.
When we told Steve to stop the car,
Steve asked: "really??"
So he pulled over and let us off.
We had to jog a short distance to get back to where I saw it--and then we trekked home after taking the picture.

While this may seem like a nothing to anyone reading this--it is not nothing to me.
It is important because, the enthusiasm and interest K has in something that is "my thing" is a clear indicator that we are connecting once more.

Coming Soon: A post on How I started re-connecting with her.