It Is Easy To Have Faith When You Don't Have Anyone Else To Take Care Of But Yourself (Camping Part 2)

I imagine that monks, hermits, cloistered nuns have an easier grasp on faith since generally speaking, lives do not depend on them.
Especially not teenagers' lives.

I am not a monk, a hermit, or a cloistered nun.
I have two teenage daughters that I am trying to raise in the best way I can.
While I am grateful for our new hunting property--it does not come without a few headaches.
Like safety issues regarding the ATV, the trampoline, being on foot in bear country, getting lost, cleaning up, following directions, etc.

Did you ever notice that children lose their hearing when ever  they are in the middle of having fun with other kids?

I will not complain, but I must establish better guidelines that will ensure that the kids remain safe while enjoying the property.

There's no need to test my faith unnecessarily.