About My Neck

I had an appointment to see someone else for my neck problems today.
Not another "Tor Eckman" but an Orthopedic M.D.

The problem was, I forgot to ask Steve the name of the doc I was seeing. (poor planing on my part)
(He made the appointment for me. I think he was worried that I could not turn my head to look over my shoulder to check my blind spot while driving)
When I texted him, he could not respond because he was in the lab.
But a nurse picked up, but somehow the chain of messages got me bad information.
I ended up in three different doctors' offices an hour south of my home to get to the correct place.
Although I arrived on time, 
I was verrrry frazzled.
Faulty brakes, no GPS, sketchy information and a stiff neck can do that to a person.

I texted Steve as soon as I got to the second office and told him that I was one incident away from a nervous breakdown.
And then when I found out that I was still in the wrong office, I texted him again.
He instructed me not to have a breakdown.

The doc took one look at me and where my pain was and then after asking about my physical activities, inquired about why I run.
I told him that I needed to,  for mental health.
Not unkindly, he diagnosed my neck problems to be due to poor running form.
Then he recommended that I alternate running with recumbent cycling.
I told him that not only do I not own a recumbent bike nor have access to one-- but that I did not like to look like a weirdo on one.
He then told me that he uses a recumbent bike.