The Mind and Body Connection

My toenails have not healed yet from running that half-marathon last month.
I have blood clots on both big toes.
And then last thursday,  I almost lost a finger.

I was shaping bushes with an electric
hedge trimmer when I accidentally clipped myself.
Just a few minutes before it happened, I was marveling about its ability to cut through thick branches.
And then suddenly. It. Happened.

It was not excruciatingly painful, but the staggering amount of blood and the idea that I would need stitches made me feel very light-headed. 
I fought to stay conscious as I watched the scene unfold as if it were being projected through a slow motion tunnel. My hearing became muffled. I had what's called a vasovagal reaction to my mishap.
There's that mind-body connection again.

Fortunately, I was not alone. as K was gardening with me.
In order to raise pocket money for a mission trip she was going on,  I decided to
hire her to do some serious grunt work.  She hauled and spread 10 sacks of mulch, planted flowers and picked up all the yard trimmings, thankfully, that did not include my thumb too.
She was very calm when she saw my bloody hand.
She tried to urge me to go to the ER but I did not respond. (I told you, I couldn't hear)
So instead she led me to the sink where she gently cleaned and bandaged my wound.

I ended up not ever going to the hospital.
I opted instead to go the self-healing route,  cleaning and changing the dressing regularly so as to prevent an infection.
With my carefully bandaged thumb, we went back to gardening for the rest of the day.
My thumb and I also volunteered to serve at the middle school graduation last Friday.
On Saturday "we" gardened some more and then attended the tail end of a fundraising pub crawl in the evening.
"We" said good bye to K as she left for her mission trip on Sunday and attended JB's son's confirmation also on Sunday.
Today, instead of worrying about K in NYC, "we" planted more flowers.

Did you know that gardening is healing?
I did not know this. (No wonder my sister Charissa does this all the time)
My mental clouds from May are definitely clearing up, but as my friend JB points out that , just like the blood clots on my toenails and my healing thumb--sometimes, we just have to give it time.