My Family On The Live Broadcast Of The Baseball Game

I read today that with practice, we can use tasks that we normally dread, as an opportunity to enjoy closeness with God.

When I unexpectedly got a call from K asking me if I would not mind picking her up from a track meet, 55 miles round trip--just so she would not have to wait until the rest of her team mates were done with their events--I decided to go for it--and get "some closeness."

Don't dread, don't dwell.

An hour and a half drive later, I realized that my act of love ended up free-ing up my evening.
I was scheduled to watch a baseball game with the rest of my family.
I got K home in time for it, when we thought she was not going to be able to make it.
We had already invited one of G's friends to go in her place.
So that is how I ended up not going.
Which I was not unhappy about, since I am not really much of a sports fan.

While they were gone, I used the evening to go with my friend DZ to pick up a
HALF-MARATHON number, chip and shirt.

I did not register for this because I had no intention of  running a half marathon again.
--It was K who was planning to run it this year.

But her not yet fully healed stress fracture on her shin got in the way of her training for this and so this is how I got left holding the Half-Marathon Bag.
To run or not to run 13.1 miles completely unprepared  (mentally and physically) that is the question.
13.1 miles would be a task that I would normally dread.
But an opportunity to enjoy closeness with God?
I would very much like to dwell on that.