May The Fourth Be With You: Part II

At 5 pm, we took Kika to CMU to practice high jump for a meet she has tomorrow.
While Kika was putting on her track shoes, Steve decided to jump.
He made it look so easy--
So of course I decided to try jumping too.

It is not easy.

I landed on the practice stretchy crossbar and ended up making both base stands that were holding it in place, collapse.

Steve instinctively stepped on the base to "right" it and in doing so-the pole part of the stand ended up smacking him in the nose.
And that is how he ended up with an extremely bloody face and a broken nose.

(photo taken and posted with his permission)

So instead of Kika getting to practice, we ended up leaving immediately to take him to Urgent care.
As we were walking out--Steve was holding a balled up sweatshirt to catch the blood streaming down his face--
He said to Kika:
"note for next time, let's not bring your mother to high jump practice."