The Return Trip: Part II

Using credit card points to book last minute flights did not yield seats together at all times.
During the last leg home, both girls were seated together, while Steve was across the way in the aisle seat while I was directly behind him.

Steve decided to take the aisle seat beside the girls and give the aisle seat in front of me to whomever came.
The whole plane filled up, until finally a man boarded--looking for his seat.
Steve pointed at his former seat and muttered something brief, and then the man shrugged and sat down.

Because I felt that more explainin' was needed I tapped the man's shoulder, leaned forward and said:
"I don't think that my husband explained that the reason he wanted to switch seats with you is because those are our children over there."
The man answered, "this isn't even my seat, they just told me to sit wherever."
To which Steve replied, "I just want you to know that I've never seen that woman in my entire life."
Steve and the man proceeded to laugh conspiratorially.

So I leaned forward again and called out: "Well, I hope this guy knows that this plane is headed to Akron."
The man commented, "I've only been on this plane for two minutes and already I don't like her."
Steve said, "Try twenty years."

I enjoyed the rest of the flight to Pittsburgh  in peace while reading a People magazine that the lady beside me offered up. (what a gift!)
As soon as the plane landed--Steve and the man traded small talk--until Steve suddenly realized that the man was one of his childhood sports heroes, 
former Steeler, Jack Ham.

Oddly enough, before we even had kids--we had bumped into him also at an airport and Steve made me approach him.
So I told him that I got his autograph many years ago.
He asked me if I still had it, and I said: "of course, I was hoping it would increase its value!"
He got a good chuckle out of that one.

I asked the men to pose for a picture and after I took it--Steve said to him that it was going to go right beside his photos with Arnold Palmer, Franco Harris, Joe Montana and Thomas Starzl.
Jack Ham  expressed his honor to be in a class with.....
Dr. Starzl.
I found that to be endearing.