Our Return Trip: Part I

We opted for the pre-paid full tank of gas for our rented car to eliminate the stress of not having to refuel before catching our flight home.
As we were on our way to the airport, Steve said, "this worked out perfect, we have just enough gas to get us to the airport."
It is about 20 miles from St. Pete to the Tampa airport.
A few miles into the trip we passed this sign:
And then not too long after that the gas gauge indicator lit up.
However, by that time we were already committed to the long bridge.

At first it was a bit funny.
Like the-episode-in-Seinfeld-funny.
But then suddenly the traffic screeched to a grinding halt.
An electronic sign indicated that due to a crash,
the 4 mile long bridge was experiencing bumper-to-bumper traffic.
I became keenly aware of why the sign was necessary.

Steve said, "this is not good."
I responded in the only way I know, which was:
a.) to save gas by immediately turning off the air-conditioning
b.) I put my palms together, shut my eyes and prayed. (I realize that I may have looked odd to the people in the cars and trucks beside us, but I did. not. care.
c.) I asked my family to pray.

I prayed that we would not run out of gas.
I prayed that if we in fact ran out of gas--that we would be fine and be able to get the help needed and get our flights rebooked easily.
Then I changed my prayer back to simply: Please let us have enough gas get us to the airport.

I have read countless articles about how our ability to respond to stressful situations is hard-wired into our brains as children. How we observed our parents responding to crisis has a direct influence on how we deal with stress today.  I am betting Steve's parents were matter-of-fact during "we-are-about-to-run-out-of-gas-be stranded-on-a-4-mile-bridge-and-not-make-our-flight-out" moments while I have quite vivid memories of my parents going into deep prayer during such times.
(I wonder how K and G will react when they are old.)
As we inched our way over the bridge, we were all quiet except for the radio (K had asked whether it consumed gasoline, which made Steve laugh--meanwhile I felt it was a thoughtful question)
Miraculously, I did not allow the radio to  interfere with my prayer frequency.
We made it to the airport on Holy fumes.
I asked my family to say a prayer of thanks.
While we were walking towards the terminal, I started reliving the close call to K, when  she said to me not unkindly,
"Let it go. It's done, we made it."
But I told her that  I learned that there are three essential prayers: 
Re-living the close call was just me being wowed.