Snow Day

Both girls are still in bed due to school being cancelled.
Their sleeping presence is altering not only my schedule but Pax's as well.
He peed on the kitchen floor because K was not up to let him out at the usual time.

I needed to clean the floor anyhow--since I pan seared (okay deep fried) salmon last night and splattered garlic infused olive oil all over the place, so I considered the dog pee as a mere call to get moving.

After dinner last night, all four of us huddled in one bed to watch more Olympics.
We caught the finals of the Ice Dance competition which was both intense and entertaining.
It is such a subjective sport and as such allows for controversy and speculation.
This morning, out of curiosity I googled the news on either side of the border to see Canadian and American perspective on the results but in doing so chanced upon this article which I liked.


After they got up, I told them not to touch their cell phones until they fulfilled a few chores and obligations.
Then in the early afternoon I took the girls to see the movie "A Winter's Tale"
The story covered elements of life that I appreciate:
-the idea that we are all connected
-good overcoming evil

Despite the bad reviews it got, I thoroughly enjoyed it.


There was a bit part in the movie played by an actor named Graham Greene.
I recognized him as being someone from the Twilight movies. ('tis a gift I have)
I had to whisper this "important knowledge" to G, who promptly disagreed.
She too, claims to have this same gift. (she went so far as to state that her skills of facial recognition, obscure actor identification, age progression--the very same talents I brag about possess--as being her qualifications for disputing me!)
So in hushed tones in the darkened movie theatre, we made a bet.

After the movie, it was determined that Google was on my side.
But I graciously declined collecting from her, in exchange, I. just. wanted. kudos.
Both girls would not give it to me.
They shrugged and called me annoying.

When I told Steve about it later on in the evening, he said to them,
"I never go up against your mother in actor recognition. That would be like trying to challenge me with the weather."

Itch scratched.