Girls' Sunday Performance At Central and Being Here Now.

Both girls' schools were part of the Diocesan Honor Band performance last sunday.
Factoring in the snowy conditions of the day, the girls and I left extra early and got there in plenty of time.
The director of the show (a little old nun) was trying to man the ticket sales table, while scurrying about trying to get final show logistics in order.
It was clear to me that she was waiting for some other people assigned to sell tickets.

I don't know what came over me, but what I did next was out of character.
I approached the nun and asked her if she wanted me to take over until whomever was running late, arrived.
(I shy away from doing public displays of math skills because 'tis not one of my gifts)
She looked up at me (I told you she was little) gratefully and without asking my name, handed me an envelope full of cash and said: "Thank you!"
And then she was off without a backward glance.

I somehow got through the next 45 minutes of making change in my head until I caught sight of G's band teacher.
She looked at me calmly and said, "oh, you got my message?"
"I asked your daughter to ask you if you would sell tickets."
I said, "no she never told me."
Then she said, "well I meant to ask her, but it's amazing that you are here anyway."

She has no idea just how amazing it is since I never volunteer for such things.
And, I am glad that I never got that message because I would have had to work through not dreading it.
The show ended later than I expected so we missed the 4 pm mass at the Oratory.
So instead the girls and I went to St. Paul's Cathedral for the 6 pm mass.
Steve, who was working that day met us there.

The Cathedral is large, and I am not sure if it is due to the acoustics or the transient nature of the parishioners but somehow masses there seem impersonal.
As I was sitting there waiting for the mass to start, I decided to pray for a good mass experience for my family. (I don't know if I have ever asked for that before.)
I was amazed by what happened next.

The priest,  Fr. Joe Freedy, was someone we had never seen before
(since St. Paul's is usually our third-stringer church).
He was engaging.
He commended people for making it to church, despite the challenging weather.
He actually pointed to K and G and said,
"you teenagers probably did not want to be here right now, but were forced to.
Thank you for coming. If I appreciate you being here, what more does God."

He spoke of being in the moment in all that you do.
"Be here now" was his message.
At the end of the mass, K said: "I liked that priest."
Steve volunteered that it was "the best mass he had attended in a long time."
I too enjoyed the mass, but I was more captivated and inspired by the quick response to my prayer.