The silver lining in using meditation, prayer and  exercise as a natural anti-depressant is that it is putting me on a daily schedule.
It is making me more a productive human being.
It has made Steve call me "masipag now."
(never mind that he added the modifier "now")

An added bonus is that I am developing some muscles.
While the muscles are not for lifting physically heavy objects, they are certainly handy for  emotional and spiritual weights.
It is such a breakthrough experience for me, that I could be on an infomercial for it.

Anyhow, last night, while I had Steve as a captive audience (he was on the toilet)
I started doing body-builder poses for him in my underwear so that he could fully appreciate the changes.
He responded by asking my 15 yr old to give me a wedgie.

And that is how my granny underwear got ripped.