Oh and About That

Remember when we were on our way back from our ski trip to Simon's place and we got a flat tire a couple of miles from our house?
Well I never wrote about what happened next.
On the morning I was scheduled to get the tire repaired, our car keys went missing.
As it turned out, they were "mysteriously" locked in the car, while the spare keys were an hour away.

While it was happening in real time, I decided to disengage from my feelings of irritation and impatience and just peacefully meditate.
I figured I would tackle my list of things to "Grip--Relax--and Release"
I reminded myself of how every single disturbance in life can bring us closer to Peace, IF we let it--by doing the work needed. (which is by doing that grip-relax-release thing)

The fact is, I was annoyed.
I felt that Steve had been driving too fast and it is why we got a flat tire when we hit a pothole.
And when the missing car keys derailed the repair process, it almost put me over the edge.
But it didn't.
Instead I meditated on the idea that God is in control.
Then I proceeded to pray for the usual people, places and things that I pray for daily.
And in the interest of remaining focused, I actually wrote down my thoughts and prayers in a notebook that I keep in my "peace corner."
One of the last things I wrote was: "and I pray that the car repair is not expensive."

Unlike my "old self", I was calmly able to reschedule the car appointment and I was also able to guard my tongue against berating Andretti.
Once the car was in the shop,  I waited curiously.
When the service advisor called me,  he told me that it was not just one damaged tire but TWO.
But then he told me that he went ahead and called the tire company--since we had just purchased those tires a month ago--and that they were going to replace both tires free of charge.

When I relayed this information to Steve, he incredulously asked,
"why??? Its not their fault I hit the pothole."
I told him that I prayed that it would not be too expensive of a fix (like rim damage etc) but I was not expecting that kind of an answered prayer.
(Steve just looked at me rather dubiously. He is not super sold on this prayer thing...yet)
As for me, I am a believer.
Not because of two tires but because of the connection I feel between prayer and peace.

Anyway--last night Steve called me on his way home from a dinner about 45 minutes away.
He said, "you are not going to believe this but I hit another pothole and have two flat tires again."
So I called our roadside assistance service to get him towed.
They said it would take 90 minutes for them to get to him.
Steve asked me to pray that it would not take 90 minutes.
I prayed.
The tow truck came in FIVE minutes.


I recently told my children this.

When you give a gift to someone and they don't thank you, do you feel like giving that person another gift?
They said no.
I said: Well that is how it is with God too.
So when you appreciate something, especially after you've prayed for it, be sure to thank God.


This morning, Steve and I both went for a dental check-up after getting our car set up for repair (again).
That in itself is a miracle all on its own because Steve had somehow let 16+ years go by since his last check up (he is an anti-dentite).
Three days ago he told me that he had a funny sensation in his mouth.
Considering his chewing tobacco habit and his long absence from the dentist's chair, it was enough for him to be concerned.
I immediately solicited the girls' prayers and we prayed for two things:
1. that whatever was bothering his mouth would be nothing serious (with a capital C) and
2. that this would get him back into the dental care system.

As fate would have it, I had an appointment scheduled for today and because it is hard to get an appointment with the dentist I see (CK can attest to this)--I opted to "give" Steve my slot.
(they ended up squeezing me back in)

My prayers were answered again today.
Our two tires are being replaced, again, for free. (fyi, I actually did not ask God for free tires, I merely asked that His Will be done about those dratted tires)
Steve felt comfortable with my dentist and now has another appointment scheduled in a few weeks and it is nothing life-threatening bothering his mouth, just a wisdom tooth.
And speaking of wisdom, I am hoping that Steve's propensity for potholes will give him the wisdom to slow down.
I am believing that Steve's tire mishaps are part of that bigger picture I was talking about recently--and that he is being redirected away from something worse.

Again I am thankful.
Although I am no longer surprised at the synergy between prayer and product, I am never going to feel diminished awe.