"La Vie En Rose" or "I Don't Like Mondays"

I want to be able to play both songs on the piano.
There are Youtube tutorials that I've found but have not been able to follow.
I may also have Kika and Gabi learn it so that they can teach me.

It's Friday.
I did another over-an-hour-long run this morning.
I think I am officially addicted to running.
I shall no longer put quotation marks on my "runner" status.

Oooops. I did it again.
I just can't believe that I have become a runner.
The-even-in-cold-weather type runner.

Funny how sometimes things you can not ever imagine yourself capable of doing- you find yourself being able to do.

Such as: (in no particular order of importance)

-Sticking my bare hand in the unreachable underlip of our toilets to scrub it well.
-Cook (not after scrubbing the toilet)
-Letting my kids sleep over at a friend's house.
-Giving my kid a cell phone.
-Driving long distances.
-Making my bed every single day.
-Booking back-to-back activities in advance and not dreading it.
-Thinking before speaking.
-Being a good mother.

Speaking of being a good mother, I finished making Kika's Glinda crown for her Halloween School Dance costume.
Here is a picture of her wearing it:

I shall await your ooooohs and
Yes I am bragging.

I know I am bragging when the thing I am showing off is something I knew full well I could do.
Eventually the running activity I post might degenerate to bragging but-we are not quite there yet.

If I succeed in playing those songs on the piano I shall "share" that too.

Again as I've previously discussed in a post a few months ago--
if it inspires you: then you caught the I'm-just-so-proud-of-myself tone of my message.
If it annoys you: then perhaps you've picked out the element of me that may have been showing off.

The ability to perceive things in a positive light is completely one's choice.