The Difference Between Being Proud And Bragging.

G is pleased with this video that she made today and asked me to post it on YouTube.

When you are happy and inspired by something, you talk about it and think and hope that whoever hears it becomes happy and inspired too. That is being proud.
When you want to state for-the-record that you, or your child, or your dog or whatever it is that is connected to you is better than others--that is bragging.
My friend CK points out that pride differs from bragging depending on your audience.
It is all about relationships.
If you have a genuine friendship with someone, you can share anything that makes you proud and it is just that--enthusiastic and honest pride.
People are generally happy to hear good news about people they love.
On the flip side, if you share something you are proud of to people that you've not established a great relationship with--you might be bragging.
G was one of the finalists of her school's Spelling Bee.
As we were praying in the car going to school on the morning of the first round, I prayed that G would do HER best.
G's prayer was for GOD'S WILL.
G is teaching me so much.

She made it to the final four.
On our way to school today for the final round, G's prayer was that if she wins, that she wins graciously--and that if she did not win, that she would do so graciously as well.

SHE WON! and is going on to represent her school.

I hope you are all inspired to be better spellers so that I can reassure myself that I am merely proud of her and not bragging.
And of her Masked Adele video, I am neither.