It's 39 degrees out there.

DZ and I just came back from walking our dogs 3 and half miles.
Pax got exercise and was able to socialize. (and yet and he looks out as if he is deprived)
He looks like he wants more.
He has a fur coat--what does he care about the cold.
I on the other other, care.
But I feel good having walked him.
It makes me feel like a good pet owner.

Now I can concentrate on reading this really interesting article
that my friend CK sent to me.
It is about a neurosurgeon's experience with afterlife/near-death-experience/heaven.
Read it!

And I am also going to make a Glinda crown for Kika for a Halloween school dance she has tomorrow.
You know I am going to post a picture of it when I am done.
I can be a bit of a show-off like that.
I know this.
It's truly a thin line between being proud and bragging.