A Mustard Seed's Faith and Ominous Weather

A tiny mustard seed has faith that after it is planted it will grow to become a tree.
There is a popular anecdote on how to have faith, based on this Biblical reference.
I know this in my head.
And I know first hand, based on some really challenging moments of my life.
I have been given many reminders of this and yet for some reason I forget all about it it during times that I experience emotional strain that is of the raw and disheartening variety. (read: depression)

I recently used a situation for personal gain.
I am not sure if this is right or wrong.
You tell me.
We arrived in the Tampa area Thursday morning for a wedding on Saturday.
Kika was to be a junior bridesmaid while Gabi, a senior flower girl.
We met up with the bride for lunch. She was quite distraught.
Florida was expecting a nor'easter (a tropical storm to you regular folks) scheduled to drench her wedding-on-the-beach at 6 pm on Saturday, the 21st of April.
Steve (the weather stud)  having looked at the radar as well, was going technical about fronts and depressions that I could not grasp, however a depressed bride, I understood.
Erika had every detail planned for their wedding on the beach.
She had not factored in a storm.

Last minute arrangements were made to move all festivities indoors however some of us still decided to ask Whoever was in charge of weather to reschedule the inclement weather.
One of them was my own little in-house mustard seed Gabi.
As usual, Gabi prayed with confidence and expectant faith.
She asked for a short break in the storm for the sake of the couple getting married.
She wanted Lee and Erika to be happy.

I asked too.
But because I was sure that the wedding was going to be beautiful whether it was indoors or on the beach my prayer for good weather was for my own intention.
You see, I have been praying for something.
Something really really important.
Something huge.
And even if I have been given countless signs about the power of prayer--for some reason I needed just one more sign to help me through this particular challenge in my life.

The day of the wedding started out cloudy, which was to be expected.
After lunch it started to rain.
By 3 pm it looked hurricanish.
However, by the time the wedding party had assembled at 5:30 pm for pictures, the rain was steady all around the area except at the venue.
When everyone saw what was happening--an executive decision was made to move the ceremony back on the beach.
Even as the radar was showing rain all around us in-real-time, it was not raining on top of our heads.

The ceremony was beautiful, the priestess funky, the capiz shells hanging overhead chimed a pleasant accompaniment to their moving promises to each other.
I,  on the other hand was lost in thought about promises.

I was thinking of God's promise that even if we are not the most faithful, and we often doubt Him, that He remains faithful because that is His nature. He is unchanging.
(I just looked this up in the Bible right now and it is from 2 Timothy 2:13)

As I witnessed this invisible umbrella over their wedding, I was struck not only because I was thinking of the blessing this lovely couple was getting at the moment but I was also thinking of what was being told to ME.

I have been praying for help and yet I keep forgetting to trust that I will in fact get help.  I've allowed myself to get pulled down by negative emotions when it should be clear by now that I should have faith.  I must live by faith.  And as if God wanted to be certain that I got the message, right when Erika and Lee turned to face all of us, a sudden burst of sunshine broke through the clouds.

It was really quite incredulous. Even more astounding was the fact that shortly after everyone leisurely made their way inside to the beautifully decorated reception area, the storm resumed.
Will the hundred guests that witnessed this be inspired to look for a deeper understanding behind the remarkable phenomenon? I don't know. While they may or may not have been as moved as I was, there is no mistaking that we all came away amazed.  All of us except Gabi, that is. 
This is because Gabi has faith. Her faith is like a mustard seed.

(dedicated to my father. 5/10/29-4/24/2009)

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