I was suddenly given an extra 40 minutes Today

And I am choosing to use it wisely by writing here.
I say 40 minutes because it takes me 20 minutes each way to drive to my brother Ayo's house.
It is his birthday today and I insisted that I bring him his birthday lunch.
He has been so busy lately between his studies (he is going back to school for nursing) and his work as a respiratory therapist.
We've both been extremely caught up in life that even if we live 5 miles from each other, I rarely get to see him.

Just as I was packing up my "picnic basket" he called and said that he will drive to me instead.
I LOVE that by the way, since I truly have an invisible fence that zaps me every time I drive more than a mile away.

For lunch I shall serve precious precious Laing. (stewed taro leaves prepared with shrimp and coconut milk) that one of my friends made during the college reunion I hosted a few days ago.
Also found in my fridge left over from the merriment-- a pack of salted duck eggs-- itlog na maalat that I mashed up and mixed with diced tomatoes.
Fish soaked in olive oil.
Homemade Tocino on the side (also made by the friend that made the Laing)
and steamed white rice.
Maybe a few sunny side up eggs.
And Coca-cola for long life. ('Coke adds life', remember?)

I've been resisting the urge to feel overwhelmed.
With my college reunion hosting just behind me-
A wedding in Florida and San Francisco ahead of me I feel the familiar magnetic pull of my bed threatening to derail me.
But instead I take a deep breath and keep on trucking.

I'll end here for now, but will be back to edit this.

Now about those sunny side up eggs....