I've Just Purchased Not One But Two Q-Rak Dual Bike Racks For My Garage Clean Up Project.

I ordered it online, and now have to put my desire for instant gratification on hold and wait a few days for it. Supposedly even a monkey can install it. Will let you know if in fact I am smarter than a monkey.

"Let's Just Ride"

Is a line that my sister Karen told me that a friend of hers says, every time there is any sort of spotlight grabbing or credit nabbing that creeps into the various cycling organizations she interacts with.
Whether it is a large or small group of people--no matter why people are brought together, whether by choice or necessity--human nature inevitably kicks in.
It is often said that money is the root of all evil but really, is it?
Isn't envy the root of all evil?

Envy is my downfall.

It is when I keep the door to my mind ajar for negative thoughts to enter that problems start.
Any time I am around people that start "venting," I find that I either need to excuse myself or bluntly ask them to stop
--not because I am such a principled person but because I am not strong-willed enough to shut the door to negativity once it starts.
High in my mental negativity column is my tendency to be envious of others.
Don't get me wrong--it is not material things I covet.
It is certain intangible aspects and qualities of life that I crave that are too raw for me to even write about on this blog.

(Deep breath)

Speaking of cravings at this very moment, my Chicago sister is quitting cigarettes and my Australian brother is quitting alcohol. My thoughts are with them as they wrestle with hard hitting toxins.
And me? I am quitting too.
I am trying to give up anger, envy and insecurity.
For today, any time a negative urge or thought threatens to dwell in my head I redirect my attention to the fact that life is a journey full of uphills, downhills, twists, turns, and an occasional flat tire.
I take a deep breath and tell myself to
"Just Effing Ride."