I did all the laundry yesterday (but have not folded it yet)

My bedsheets were beginning to feel butt crumbs-y.
I took Pax to the vet where they RAVED about his physique.
All muscle no fat.
A waistline!
(pet pride)
My high from the visit to the vet led me and Pax to drive past my normal radius and buy a printer (yes a third one).
For almost a year now, we have been relying on a nearby Staples Store, or the kids' school teachers or the kids' friends' mothers for our printing needs.
I think the reason it took me this long to buy another one is, because I could not believe that the newish second one broke too.
Funny how when denial kicks in, lethargy happens.
I splurged for the warranty but asked if they can write in an agreement that if this new printer breaks too, then I have the right to a replacement but only if I can throw this third one through their glass window.

Last saturday I was able to watch the Pacquiao-Marquez fight with some friends from around here but also with 5 siblings from around the world.
Using Google plus' video capabilities (under the tutelage of SFO bro Ted)
I was able to "share" the fight with siblings from Manila, California, Australia and Rochester.
Despite the controversy regarding the fight (which btw, is such BS) the highlight of it for me was the simulcast from my kitchen.
I really enjoyed having all of them as a captive virtual audience.
I could block the screen at anytime and command their attention.
A far cry from life growing up with them.
Hhhhm.....it's all becoming clear to me now.
A blog friend of mine shared a quote from the author Sandra Kring:
"If you want to find yourself but don't know where to look, search for who you were before you were told to sit down and shut up; there will be your spirit.  Search for the traits you both admire and abhor;
there will be your nature.  Search for what you give away; there will be your needs.  Search for what brings you to life; there will be your heart. Search everywhere; there will be Self trying to find its way home."

Pretty powerful stuff.

I am no longer premenstrual--just my normal cranky self as I tackle (heroically in my head) mothering tasks, haircuts, maintenance, science projects, shuttling obligations, etc.
I am trying to organize my gadgets.
I used up all the memory on both my phone and my mac because I am addicted to taking pictures.
In order to whats-the-word--upgrade the operating system of my phone,
I needed to back it up.
But I had no space in my computer to do so.
So you know what I did?
I did not care.
When thingy came up saying I would lose my media if I continued,  I pressed: Continue!!
And as of right now I have not yet figured out what I lost.
Must not be that important, right?
So now my phone is up-to-date.
Complete with its own clouds.

I am trying to use this iCloud as storage but it is saying that it is going to take HOURS to float my stuff up to some virtual storage facility. 
So while waiting,  I have been clearing out in-real-life storage: my garage. 
I'm hoping to make room for me to actually park a car one of these days.
I am telling you, cleaning is good for the mind.
As I clean, I clear out my brain
all while sending stuff to iGod to store.
I'm hoping to make enough room for me to park my soul.

And now I shall fold the laundry.