Monday Before Thanksgiving

File This Under "Could Be Funny"

I lagged behind the kids this morning. By the time I got behind the wheel, Kika had an odd expression on her face. I could not read this face.
It looked like guilt, apprehension or uncertainty.
Then, I glanced down at what she was calmly re-wrapping in her hands.
It was a half-eaten sandwich from last friday's lunch.   She had discovered it in her book bag while waiting for me to drive her to school.
Without breaking eye contact with me, eyebrows cocked tentatively, she slowly finished chewing the remnants in her mouth.
"Is that... is that leftover lunch from last friday?" I asked her.
She nodded.
Then she said, "I don't know why but when I saw it, I suddenly decided to eat it, then, I thought...maybe it is not such a good idea??" (she finished this statement with a question mark)
She was referencing the possibility of food poisoning.
Because I am training myself in the art of not over-reacting I shrugged and said,
"nah--it's a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, right?  All components do not require refrigeration."
She said, "No? (again with the question mark) It was a Tuna Sandwich."

I nearly veered off the road and screeched, "TUNA!!! and MAYONNAISE???!!"

Then, I collected myself and because I am re-training myself in the art of not over-reacting I said:
"you know, both Tuna and Mayonnaise can last years in storage without refrigeration. Plus, if you've inherited my third world stomach---you'll be fine."
As we approached the school Kika said to me,
"I don't know if this is just in my head, but I am beginning to feel a bit sick."
I reassured her by telling her that I would pick her up early from school if her nausea progressed.
She reassured me by telling me that she would call, but only if she vomits.

It is almost 1 pm and I have not gotten a phone call.
This is a relief for no other reason than the fact that I did not want to divulge that my straight A student decided to bite into a salmonella infused tuna sandwich right after breakfast.
Yes, I do not want to be embarrassed.
Yes, it is all about me.