Out of the Blue, I just Got a Text From One Of My Former Students:

Chesca! I would be glad to.
That sounds like fun.
The 5K right? Lemme know 
and I'll get registered.

I scrolled up to see what this was in reply to, but it was blank.
My eyebrow raised a bit higher than the other, I walked away from my phone to pour my first cup of coffee.
Caffeine shooting through my veins with my eyes now as large as Asian eyes can get, my heart started pumping with the sudden vague recollection of my previous evening.
I had taken a Post-Tuesday celebratory sleep aid, the one that lists its side effects as:
Abnormal thinking,
Memory loss,
Making phone calls under the influence
Driving under the influence
Eating under the influence, etc.

They should add
'Facebooking with your Iphone'
as one of the side effects because apparently that is what I did.
The Facebook records show that 11 hours ago I was soliciting a running partner for a 5K race for this coming Saturday morning.
Kika (who will not run with me but will run with Donna and her Running Family)  Gabi and I are now going to run in this race.
I have never ran in a race. 
And right now I can't seem to coax my one eyebrow down from my hair line.
You know what is strange though?
I am a bit excited to do this.
From the sidelines, under a tree--I have been watching children that I love,
push themselves.
My own two, JB's one-shoe-wonder and her sister.
Stephanie's machine, Donna's crew, Carole's Grif.
They all inspire me.
I will run this race.
One step at a time.
Wish me luck.