Do You Know What This Is?

It is a really cheap long plastic tool with teeth called a
Zip-It that unclogs a bathroom drain without chemicals nor a call to our good friend Nick P.
It works.
I don't mean to gross you out but I have pictures to prove it.
Do not scroll down if you have a weak stomach.
I took pictures between gagging because:
a) I wanted proof that I was being a productive member of society.
b) I have a morbid fascination with all things gross.
c) I want to instill fear in my children. If they do not scoop up their fallen tresses before it makes it down the drain, I will make them zipit.

Remember when I said that cleaning something is therapeutic?
It works.
The satisfaction I got from unclogging this was downright exhilarating.
That something can make you gag and happy at the same time is such a conundrum.

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  1. Good work! Where can I get one of these?


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