Who Blogs?

2k Bloggers
I am in!
Thanks to my local paper writer sistah
I got my mug included in the
2000 Bloggers Photo Montage.
It's pretty cool--the montage features bloggers from all over the world.
Clicking on a face links you to each blog.
It is a pretty effective tool for scamming chicks (if you are into that sort of thing)
I used the same picture I used for my "blog eyes" except now its the whole face
(I thought you couldn't do just eyes).
Unfortunately, the montage picture cuts my hair and so now I just look like my brother.
Luckily, I am already scammed, so looking like a chick is not all that necessary.
This is what I should have looked like:

but instead I got this.
(I am the last one on the right, 11 rows from the bottom)
Oh well. It's still cool though.


  1. Ohh, that's cool. what's amazing is that I click your pic to find you and in the midst of alllll those faces I saw one my mommy blog friends. Verah cool.
    Not sure if I'll make it in or not, but I submitted myself.

    Hm, that sounds odd.

  2. hope your tats make it in jenn.

    how about this for cool--
    after i saw my picture was in, i checked on blogs of montage neighbors and introduced myself to a teacher from greece...without knowing that this was already sitting in my mail box:

    teacherdudebbq.blogspot.com said...

    Hi, I'd thought I'd introduce myself as we are 2000 Blogger neighbours, at least in the photomontage. It was great reading your blog.

  3. I love the 2000 Bloggers, isn't it fun? Thanks for stopping by and I love your pic and your blog. I'll definitely be back.


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