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  1. Anonymous7:31 PM

    Very Powerful!

    It breaks my heart to think that it happens, but as we know first hand, it does.


  2. Oh my God!I know that these lives are the lives of some of my students.

  3. dear chesca,
    I have stumbled --yes I know what stumbled means, across your blog through sir shameless, with a name like skindiving who could resist. Your site is an amazing grabbag of random thoughts and full of delight.
    I confess to be mortally afraid of the ocean, however I overcame my fears to snorkel ( the wimps way) the Barrier Reef ( Australia) and soon after in the Andaman Sea. Now I understand the allure of the 'deep'...but am still shit scared.
    I understand the mothering bit..I've got 5 sons.
    better go...love your blog

  4. yes it has made me stop and think about everything that i already know, having worked with children for 18+ years but more importantly--made me examine myself.
    when my children act impatient, who is their model?
    when they sound sarcastic?
    when they are messy with their belongings?
    its very easy for me to blame it all on the disney channel, but in truth i have only myself to change.
    thanks shazam and itchy.

    To L.M.--
    thanks for stumbling in.
    i visited your site as well and left you a note.

  5. Hi,
    It was great to see this video. IT should be played in every home in every country. Wonderful stuff. :)

  6. Anonymous10:11 AM

    What a great video.



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