Siamese Puets

Two of my older sisters were born on valentine's day, 9 years apart.
I've always said that they have nothing in common--because one is malaswa and the other one is very decent (you guess which is which)
but as I was writing this, I realized that that just isn't true.
Both of them wiped my puet at some point of their lives (a low point, I assume)
They are both hardworking people.
They are both teachers.
Both have successfully kicked the term 're-inventing one's self' in the arse as 40-somethings.

It is not easy to re-invent yourself, I know this first hand because I for one, have never done it.
To successfully achieve reinvention, you must:

1. be bright.
2. be open.
3. be courageous.
4. be industrious.
5. know what you want and take the necessary steps to get there.
6. be supportive of yourself (and a supportive spouse helps too).
7. believe in yourself, but not too much that you end up with a misguided sense that there is no need for improvement or reinvention.
8. be willing to give up anything (like sleep for example)--for the bigger picture.
9. be humble, because humility hastens learning, hence speeds up the whole reinvention process.
10. treat others the way you would like to be treated--fairly, honestly, kindly, generously--
because it is karmic.

I never realized that Charissa and Karen were so much alike.
Happy Birthday.


  1. Do you remember when you and Peggy (and Karen in spirit) came out to Galena to be supportive when I was losing it because the stress of school and work? Did I ever thank you you for that? I love you.

  2. I hope this comment is approved.. I comment very often but it seems that the computer does not want to accept it.. it either gets erased or disappears or whatever.. anyway.. we want to tell you that both your, Charissa and Karen, having the same birthday, although years apart, have given us so much joy... we are blessed to have you and we thank God for giving you to us....

    Mommy and Daddy

  3. Actually, Charissa and Karen, everything Chesca wrote here was what I was going to write. She just beat me to it so you both will have to settle for the kinda "dry" post that I wrote for both of you. Happy Birthday and Happy Valentine's again.

  4. share the love, pards.

  5. am always willing to share the limelight especialy since in this case, I don't have a choice...

    Thanks Ches!

    I love you!!!and I love you too Charissa...nice to know I've ben akinned to someone like you


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