Siamese Puets

Two of my older sisters were born on valentine's day, 9 years apart.
I've always said that they have nothing in common--because one is malaswa and the other one is very decent (you guess which is which)
but as I was writing this, I realized that that just isn't true.
Both of them wiped my puet at some point of their lives (a low point, I assume)
They are both hardworking people.
They are both teachers.
Both have successfully kicked the term 're-inventing one's self' in the arse as 40-somethings.

It is not easy to re-invent yourself, I know this first hand because I for one, have never done it.
To successfully achieve reinvention, you must:

1. be bright.
2. be open.
3. be courageous.
4. be industrious.
5. know what you want and take the necessary steps to get there.
6. be supportive of yourself (and a supportive spouse helps too).
7. believe in yourself, but not too much that you end up with a misguided sense that there is no need for improvement or reinvention.
8. be willing to give up anything (like sleep for example)--for the bigger picture.
9. be humble, because humility hastens learning, hence speeds up the whole reinvention process.
10. treat others the way you would like to be treated--fairly, honestly, kindly, generously--
because it is karmic.

I never realized that Charissa and Karen were so much alike.
Happy Birthday.