An Abstract : Lost Love

Laundry & Society, Vol. 17, No. 2, 187-208 (2003)
DOI: 10.1177/0891243202250730
© 2003 Sociologists for Humans in Society
The Missing Sock Syndrome and its correlation to the longevity of a Union.

Author: C Silva

This article examines the complexity of The Missing Socks Syndrome in the context of global unions. Based on a qualitative study of people engaged in the chore of laundry, it demonstrates how one's practice upon the discovery of the unmated sock, has a correlation to how one might handle a relationship.

Studies* show that people who tend to set aside the unmatched sock in the hopes of reunification with its mate are more likely to be:

- a hopeless romantic (at times to a fault--dogged determination to make sh** work)
- extremely sentimental (at times to a fault--has kitchy dust gathering ideas)
- messy (this is a fault--a mental pack rat, does not let things go easily)

Those that immediately toss out the old maids are more likely to:

- call it like it is.
- pull the plug.
- be neat and organized mentally, has a systematic method for finding love.

Research is still being done on those that do not categorize easily, i.e.

- people that ruthlessly deny the lone sock a chance at love and are mentally messy.
- people that have an entire closet of socks waiting to be matched yet pull the plug on their own relationship at the first sign of trouble.
- people that wear mismatched socks (perhaps in the hope that the socks bump into their matches at a yoga class or at work)

Where do you stand on the reunification of the unmated sock?

*dubious source at best considering it is from the ramblings of my brain