picass0, dove 1949

I haven't considered peace much lately I know
I've gotten too used to war.
In the papers, one man says to another
you can't have this if you don't give
this or this or even that to me. And the other man
laughs instead of cries. He knows,
it's just a game where words can alter
the shape of another man's country. I know

I haven't wept enough
over the bones of their children or the dogs abandoned by
the widows. They line the streets in other
places not here, and other countries I see
remote as the stars that circle
round our planet. I know
my tears are nothing but water and salt and
yet my hand stays open, I know.

by Peggy


  1. reminds me a little of T.S. Eliot...thanks for sharing.

  2. thnaks, ches. nice to see this here.

  3. But I have promises to keep,
    And miles to go before I sleep,
    And miles to go before I sleep.

  4. hi Cheska :)

    Just want to say thank you for visiting my site. Appreciate it.

    Anyway I don't know much about poems because some are really deep but this one is good. I think I get the message :)

  5. What a beautiful poem by the LPW. We always knew that she is a great writer with lots of wisdom. We are most certainly very proud of her and of you too, exskindiver. More power to both of you.

  6. Beautiful words, metaphorical, musical, symbolic and fraught with meaning.. understandable in a language known to deep thinkers.

  7. Hello Cheska.

    A fine post with a beautiful poem.


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