What are you Grateful for?

Last night on Grey's anatomy, Cristina's character stood at the foot of her best friend's bed willing her to live.
Considering that this is exactly what I did nine years ago, I thought that I would not be able to watch this scene--especially when the TV version does not end up the way my version did.
However, this is what I have discovered:
Whether it is a failed relationship, a dismal career move, a death or a traumatic experience--

I am learning that human minds heal when we allow our attention to shift to positive things.

I will let my memory of my friend rest for another year...but before I do that, allow me to post one more poem written by my friend Benj.

(For Elaine who would have turned 40 today)

this is the moment
that we breathe in

from the countless
hurried minutes
of an endless
harried day
this is the moment

this is the moment
that we breathe in

the fret of mind
and dark of soul
are left behind
for one long pause
for sight, and sound and scent

this is the moment
that we breathe in

when you
at peace
in dream
in sleep
remind us that
this is
you are
we now must be
in this fleeting moment
breathing fully be

-by Benjie de la Pena


  1. Absolutely beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Hi Chesca.
    So tragic. I wonder if that happens to me, who'd stand on the foot of my bed?...

  3. Don't shoot me woman, but you have been tagged over at my blog. It's a great cause to safegard our kids on the net. Don't usually do these, but this one was worth it.

  4. tani-
    waiting for your next post.
    mission accomplished

  5. I love recognizing gratitude. I share what I'm grateful for on my blog every Friday. Cheers!


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