May is usually the month swamped in school functions, deadlines, anniversaries, graduations, banquets, weddings, birthdays, shows and transitions.
It seems that if I were to chart the topography of my year, May seems to be my "valley month."
The busyness, rattles me. 
Nothing earth shaking, just a low grade drowning that I can, for the most part, disguise. 

This May,  I received two surprises in the mail from friends from yesteryear.
The first one was a post card from San Francisco from my friend, Mary Jane.
The second one was a Watercolor calendar was from Toronto from my friend since I was 6, Becky.
Both went to Maryknoll (an all girls school in Manila a lifetime ago.)
I am amazed by their thoughtfulness and the synchronistic arrival of their mail. 
These notes came "for no reason" yet they had no idea how grateful I was to get it.

Friends old and new are really God's messengers.

I am documenting this as a reminder to myself and to anyone else reading this.
When you are at peace with yourself and you feel an urge to reach out to a friend, an acquaintance or even an old enemy--DO IT. You will never know when you are being used Divinely.