Product Endorsement Post

Sometimes I tell my family that it is a fend-for-yourself-dinner-night.
Cereal. Waffles. PB and J. Eggs.
Last night was one of those nights.
Gabi decided to make her Cheesy Egg Omelet.
This is nice except every time she cooks this, she uses a pan that I find difficult to clean.
I am embarrassed to stop her from using the pan, because then I would have to answer a complex question of why I bought the pan in the first place.
Who buys pans just for display purposes?
Who was I trying to impress?
Worse, who did I think I was fooling?
In fairness (to me) these pans were purchased during my past life.

Back to today.
She seems to have noticed that this pan is not the easiest to clean.
She asks if it is possible that since she had to make herself dinner, could I clean the pan for her?
I agree.
This morning, I have a million things to do, yet I am laboring over getting this pan back to a semblance of shiny.
I want to complain in my head.
I want to be angry.
I want to go back to my feelings of regret about purchasing these unnecessary pans.
Then, I remember to stop before I "go there."

Instead, I recall that my friend DZ gave me a product to use for stubborn messes.
I retrieve it and start using it on the pan.
It worked.
Suddenly my mind made the switch to gratefulness.
I became grateful for hot running water, and for the time I had to clean the pan.
I remember to be grateful for friends who help me sort through life's messes.

(We all need to surround ourselves with a core group of supportive people, people who cheer you on, who encourage you, who want nothing but the best for you, and you for them.)

This Bar Keepers Friend not only works on getting the shine back on my pans and stove but also serves to remind me about being grateful about having friends that are "keepers."