photo credit: MM

8th grade recognition for G's volleyball season.
For some reason, I've never particularly enjoyed these.
I've always felt awkward.
This night was awkward.
In fact, at the very moment this photo is being taken, G is actually saying:
"this is awkward."

So awkward that:
a) I actually burst a blood vessel in my left eye at some point during the evening.
b) While manning the clock in between games, I actually did not hear the buzzer going off--even if I was sitting amidst the din.

The only saving grace is that this year's 8th grade recognition conflicted with Steve's trip to Colorado to go Elk hunting for 10 days. He did not have to experience awk with us because he left today.

(It was supposed to be the last game of the season.
But I've written this post on 10/20/14 and can add that they have since made it to the play-offs.
SL says that I will laugh about this one day.)

(Edited on 10/24/14 to add: while Steve was packing up and preparing for his long drive home,
The volleyball season officially ended with a pizza party and parents vs daughters game.)