A random Lady Gaga day
Singing for a crowd.
In a dress she made out of duct tape and wore to a school dance.
There is a price to pay for this kind of wiring.

Last night I was settling in for bed when G called out:
"nanay, (that's mom in tagalog)...I accidentally pierced my ear."
She had always wanted a third ear piercing.
Steve said he would take her but just never got the chance to do it.
So she took matters into her own hands and used an old earring from those ear piercing places at the mall--and gave herself a third hole.
I guess when she said "accidentally" she meant, she didn't think that she would be successful--
and not that she tripped and fell onto an earring that pierced her ear.

I felt a bit queasy after I heard what she did. (I kind of freaked out)
I asked her if by chance she happened to disinfect that earring before she decided to pierce herself, and she said: "noooooo."
Then with a straight face she said that she was going to pray that her new self inflicted hole would not get infected.
I agreed but added that in tandem with prayer, she should keep the freshly pierced area clean with alcohol.
She asked me, "with vodka!?"
With clenched teeth I responded, "No, Isopropyl Alcohol."

K comforted me: "Nanay, do not act as if it is already infected. We don't know if it will happen. Calm down."