A Letter I Sent At 11 PM To Someone I Care About

So here are some ideas that I would like you to ponder:

What God wants is very simple. 
God wants us to believe that Jesus is the son of God.
I never really understood what that all meant until this year.
Historically, before Jesus came, people routinely sacrificed animals as a peace offering when they wanted to be forgiven for their sins. But God decided to end that practice by sending his son Jesus to become a man and to become the ultimate sacrifice by dying on a cross.
He did this to bridge the relationship between God and man.
(Kind of extreme, but He is God and He can do whatever he wants. I guess you have to research on how people were thousands of years ago to get it) 
Did God create Jesus? I am not sure.  
All I know is that God somehow spliced Himself into three Holy parts.
I think God was tired of the fact that the people He created and gave free will to, became out of control. 
But instead of just offing everyone and starting from scratch-- He came up with a scheme to draw people back to 
Him through their belief in Jesus, and their choice to become Jesus' followers.
God said that Jesus will come back during the end of the world to judge everyone. (living or dead)
But the time is now to turn to God through Jesus.
While we are alive.
After Jesus died and then rose again--God sent the Holy Spirit to everyone who believes that Jesus is the son of God. 
The Holy Spirit helps people follow Jesus.

When we pray and turn to him, God becomes pleased. 
He likes us to depend on him. 
So if you find yourself praying only when the going gets tough--know that you have created a relationship with God that is only existent during times of trouble.
So remember to pray not only during the lows but during the highs too. 
Because I am beginning to think that God tends to give us whatever will keep us in a close relationship with Him.

God listens to all prayers, but seems to respond much quicker to people who do not bear grudges or who have forgiven others. 
The prayers of good people seem to get fast tracked. 
So be loving. Be forgiving. 
Have faith that He hears your prayers and responds all the time.
All the time.  
When you don't get what you pray for, it must not be His will for you because if it was, you would have gotten it.
You just have to ask, and namedrop Jesus' name while you are at it.
You always get what you pray for if it is His will for you. 

Why is it that some "obviously bad" people get away with murder?
Well first, judge not and be not judged. 
Second, never assume to know the whole story.
And third--let's just say you are not judging but merely observing obviously evil actions (like well, murder or stealing or slander or adultery...)
know that it is not your place to see to it that they get what they deserve-- It is God's decision. 
You never know when and how God chooses to call or teach every person He created. 
Remove your irritation and/or focus on that person.
It's not your business.
Focus on the good that is around you.

How do you "follow Jesus" when there are people in your life that you don't care for?
Co-workers, road-rage strangers, relatives, neighbors, frenemies, negative people you are exposed to?
Do not take anything personally.
Love them anyway. And if that is too difficult, work on being neutral.
Pray for them and if you can't do that--pray for yourself.
Ask that the Holy Spirit helps you be patient and kind.
Each time you conquer the urge to lash out or withhold love, you lift your own spirit.
You experience peace.

When you mess up, God always forgives when you confess it.
He knows what you've done anyway, so you may as well be honest.
When you confess, He also knows if you are really sorry.
He will help you lead a truly Christ-centered life if you ask for help.
The Holy spirit will help. 
I have experienced this firsthand.

God wants us to glorify Him.
Use your life on earth to lead people to God. 
Is God's presence in your life obvious?
Examine how you live and work on moving towards a life that is an advertisement for God.
Be healthy. (monitor what you consume, not just physically but also mentally)
Commit to a daily prayer time. Read your bible. 
Clean up your language and your thoughts.
Purify your motives for success.
Be productive.
Control your tongue.

Have faith.
God is with you.
Experience the peace that a God-centered life can bring you.
Pray all the time, thanking Him for everything with a grateful heart.

When you suffer, know that it will not last forever.
Use your suffering to bring you closer to God.
It will pass.

God wants us to be happy.