Top 10 Reasons Why You Must Not Drive Your 15 Year Old Daughter To A Party Where Other 15 Year Olds Will Be Drinking and Smoking

1. Because birds of the same feather...tend to rub off on each other.
2. Because the parental act of driving them to where you know other kids will be drinking and smoking pot sends the message that you accept it.
3. Because If your child has an interest or may be, uhm,  genetically predisposed towards such activities, it is best to... just say no.
4. Because if the friends she has made decide that she is no longer "friend material" because she is not allowed to hang...then it is better for her to flock with birds whose parents parent similarly.
5. Because even if she abstains, as promised--she will still be in the company of stoned and drunk 15 year old boys.
6. Because even if you can't shield her forever from what's coming, you can protect her right now by just saying no.
7. Because the argument, it is better that she gets exposed to it so that she learns how to navigate around it is bullsh**.
8. Because when you say no she might throw a spectacular temper tantrum.
9. Because a 15 year old's brain and personality is still developing. They are not mature. (see #8)
10. Because you love her.

"Breathalyze me and drug test me--I will not do anything bad.
I just want to attend the party on friday," K asked.
"Just because some kids drink and smoke pot does not mean I will."
"All my friends are going, and they don't drink and smoke."

In a moment of weakness, we almost let her.
Until I woke up thursday morning to this verse:

Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it.
~Proverbs 22:6

Then we said no.

It's been two days since Nagasaki and I am going through some sort of PTSD (The T is for Tantrum)
If I did not have prayer in my life right now I would be in bed.

I have learned so much about not denying my feelings but rather feeling them wholeheartedly before releasing them.
I've not released all yet, as some gouge marks on my heart are deeper than others.
But I will get there.