Lenten Goals

1. Love others as I love myself . treat others the way I would like to be treated.

2. Judge not and be not judged but be on guard against not making others fall because of my actions.

3. Live in a way that is pleasing to God.
Focus in doing God's work in all that I do.
-I will not live in excess.
-I will not manipulate or control people.
-I will not gossip.
-I will not think the worst of people.
-I will not engage in unhealthy competitive behavior.

4. Be giving and present for people in need.

5. Be grateful for everything. Take nothing for granted.

6. Be a blessing to ALL I meet.

7. Live authentically.
Be honest.
Be productive.
Be forgiving.
Be kind.
Be patient.

8. Be fearless due to utmost faith in God.

9. Release all my hang ups and emotional gunk to God.
I will let go and let God each time a disturbance comes up, be it psychological, physical or spiritual.

10. I must DEDICATE each and every thought and action to God.
Every encounter, every breath, every word written or spoken must reflect a truly God-centered life.