After morning school drop off, I had appointments to head to.
But first I needed the keys to the car.
After an unsuccessful scuttle to locate the keys through out our "lived in" home,
I called four mothers and got two lovelies to scoop up my girls to get them to two schools on time.
(headed in opposite directions)

I kept looking for the keys.
I scrubbed a toilet.
Ate an avocado.
Cancelled two appointments.
Ate pie.
Posted pictures of our weekend in this blog.

Pictures did not show us leaving to go skiing late Friday night after G got home from her school dance.
Pictures did not show Saturday's unfamiliar steep terrain that was conquered yet humbled 3 out of 4 of us.
Pictures did not show our day of family bonding at a ski resort made possible by the generosity of Steve's friend, Simon.

Pictures did not show our flat tire on the return trip two miles from home with Steve having to empty the entire trunk of skis and bags to be able to get to the spare.
Pictures did not show a family midnight snack of bacon and eggs.
Pictures did not show us urging G to get up for a diving class on Sunday.

Pictures did not include our family's mad scramble to get dressed for The Symphony.
(nope, we are not cultured.  G's school had an organized family function to watch, meet and then perform for the symphony's maestro)

Pictures did not capture Steve looking at me after the first hour of the Symphony playing and saying:
"I feel like I am undergoing abdominal surgery without anesthesia"
Pictures did not show Steve's look of pride when our friend JB said to him:"you are a good dad."
Or when I added, "plus you are so good at replacing busted doors and flat tires."

Pictures did not show the look of relief on my face when our dog's sitter called to ask if she could keep Pax an extra day without charging us, which opened up our schedule for church right after the three hour long Symphony shindig.
Pictures did not show our family Sunday dinner of Ramen noodles.

Pictures did not include this morning's mayhem.
But if it did, it would show me being okay.

I am practicing Big Picture living.
If I had the car keys who knows what was in store for me if I headed out today.
Actually, I know Who knows.
I am trusting that Who Knows kept me home for a reason other than being available to receive Pax when he is delivered home today.