Mamma Mia!

Steve and I went to see the musical Mamma Mia.

I don't  go out very often, because I truly prefer staying home.
But we had plans to go out with a few other couples...and they were people I had not seen in a few months.
After a quick glance at myself in the mirror I noticed a few gray hairs in the crown of my head.
In the interest of trying to impress people (I am not close to),  I decided to color my hair.

I fished out a box I purchased for such occasions.
I quickly got down to business.
Feeling very confident, I got the color on my hair and set the timer.
While whistling my clever-for-saving-professional-fees tune I suddenly noticed that the box of hair color came with gloves.

The "10 minutes to covered grays" did not factor in the hour and a half I spent scrubbing the hair color off of my hands and fingernails.

A friend of mine said that I need a babysitter.
I think that I just need to stay home.