This Evening's Thoughts

We must attempt to live without judgement.
We never know why something or someone is put in our path.
We should trust that a situation is given to us either to teach us something or to bring glory to God.
Apparently that's His thing.
His creative license, so to speak.

We must do our BEST to keep focused on pleasing God.
Not because we think we can manipulate or bribe God into giving is us what we want but because we want to please Him out if sheer love and adoration.

When pleasing God becomes our primary occupation, we become no longer intimidated by difficult situations.
Challenging moments make us feel more connected to God because we are more inclined to pray when we are under duress--(even self proclaimed atheists have been known to pray during such times). Whereas enjoyable and desirable moments tend to make us skip along on our own.

In time, we will become more grateful for the difficulties we experience when we realize that suffering brings endurance.
Right? Romans 5:3!
One day, we might even start volunteering to lean into the sharper edges of life just because we want to do it for the greater glory of God.

Such potential for peace.

Okay. I am not there yet.
In fact right this very second I want to curl up and suck my thumb instead of go to a school related function.