The Bridge

There's a bridge that has been out for months that has made the drive around my neck of the woods a bit difficult.
The bridge is now fixed.  I took great pleasure in driving over it today.
It is interesting how we don't appreciate important things unless our access is denied.
I am happy that the bridge is back because it makes the route to Gabi's school much easier.

Anyhow, Gabi lost an earring today.
Not an expensive earring, but a favorite and unusual earring. (it used to be mine)
She lost it in the girls' locker room of her school gym.
Thanks to this bridge being opened today, I did not hesitate to offer to drive her back to help her find it. 

I decided to take a swiffer with me so we could do a systematic sweep of the area.
I asked her if we needed to bring two swiffers or just one.
She said quickly, "just one."
Gabi looked at me quizzically.
"Can't you just pack a swiffer cloth instead of that long thing?" She asked.
I explained that we needed the swiffer mop handle to cover a large area with ease.

Once we got to her school gym, she suddenly blurted out,
"Please leave the swiffer in the car."
Clearly she was embarrassed about our marching in together armed with a cleaning tool.
I said, "I'm carrying it. Not you."
She said, "but I am your mini-me. I may as well be carrying it."
I sighed, and agreed to leave it in the car.

The after school program was in session, and the staff let us in and wished us luck with our mission.
We searched without success.  The design on the school tile made it difficult to scan for an earring.
I asked her, "by the way, have you prayed that we would find it?"
She said, "no but I will."

After a few more seconds, I said underneath my breath--
"if we could just use the swiffer...."
"FINE," she conceded. "Get the swiffer."
I retrieved it from the car and returned to the gym. 

Walking back into the locker room, swiffer in hand, I prayed.
After--I am not kidding, eight seconds of swiffing-- I found the earring.
"Swiff prayer" worked, but it did not make Gabi any less embarrassed to be seen walking out of the school gym with a woman and a swiffer.
Baby steps.

As we drove the quick route home I felt such peace about a connection I felt with God.
I felt as if another bridge had been repaired within me.