Ran up Negley today

And then instead of running straight home as was my plan, I ran on towards CMU and thought for sure it was 4 miles that I ran.
(It felt like it)

As soon as I got home, sweat dripping down my face I mapped it on Mapmyrun and as it turns out I only ran 2.85!!!
At first I felt let down and then I snapped out of it and focused on celebrating the climb.

Then I decided to try and work out with (what Steve informed me was) my Ectomorph body and exercised with heavier weights because I aspire to have muscular arms.
That is, until Kika told me that Pax vomited and was now trying to eat his vomit.
She was in the middle of a flute lesson with SA otherwise she would have cleaned it up (I think).

I quit my work out (I was almost done anyhow) to clean up the vomit and upon careful examination of it I realized that Pax ate my newly bloomed alstroemeria flowers.
Every single bloom.
Just this morning I was admiring them in my backyard garden.
I admired them even before my morning coffee.

A good reminder that things or people or experiences that bring you joy can be gone in an instant-
So appreciate them while you can but do not be attached.
This is a peaceful way to live.

Plus it saved Pax from a good beating.
But it's only 1 pm, the day is young.

...this email was sent hastily by chesca from her cell phone.