How To Find Reasons To Smile Despite Missing A Flight

(Or How To Keep The Producers Of My Very Own "Truman Show" On Their Toes)

The movie TheTruman Show is a story about a guy who is unaware that he is being chronicled in a reality TV show. His life in an enclosed and controlled setting is broadcasted to viewers around the world.
After a series of odd coincidental events happen in his life he starts to question his reality and sets out to find the truth. The Producers work very diligently to test him and keep him from finding his way out of his reality TV set.

I loved that movie.

Lately as I have been busy reframing and refocusing my thoughts and words in a way that is more supportive of my goals, I suddenly noticed that more and more synchronistic and challenging moments keep getting tossed my way
(Think Cow Scene in the movie Twister)

I've started making jokes that the producers of my Truman Show will be shocked at how accepting and non-resistant I will be to these life balls lobbed my way.
I will keep at this until it's a habit that is ingrained in me or until the producers realize that I am not their ideal star anymore because I have given up drama not just for Lent, but for life.

I will keep finding reasons to smile:

Yesterday when I realized that I was going to lose an entire day out of my tightly scheduled 13 days in Manila, I decided not to think of the one day I will miss but instead focus on the 12 full days that I will still have.
But before I did that, I had to be very present to My Moment.
Chicago was extremely cold and I did not bring a winter coat.
While I was welcome to stay at my sister's house about an hour away, logistically we decided that it would be better for both our schedules if I just lodged near the airport.
Luckily there was a hotel attached to O'hare Airport that did not necessitate my having to brave the Windy City, coatless.
My checked suitcases are in some sort of Airport limbo and I am left with just my handcarry.
I am so happy that I threw in clean underwear and socks!
I am  happy to have my yarn and crocheting hooks.
I have my books and my trusty IPhone. And CK's iPod too!
As I spent my day quietly reading in my hotel room I realized that my travel setback was actually not such a bad thing.
That I had an entire day to relax by myself from my life as wife-mother-logistician-friend-driver-housekeeper-dog trainer....
before I begin the 12 days of being a sister-aunt-grandaunt-friend...is an amazing gift.
That I am blessed with the resources to pay for a hotel is another thing to be grateful for.
Now I feel refreshed and ready and curious for what this day will bring.

Will I make it to Manila eventually? I am pretty certain. Will it be within the next 18 hours?
I am not sure. But I will learn to be comfortable in this uncertainty.
I shall now take a long hot shower before heading back to the airport.

(Meanwhile, the producers can kiss my pwet)

At the airport lavatory

Trip Photo: Day 2

Look no need to nest or hover.
Little people inside the tank switch the plastic wrap for you.
Interesting .
I dropped off some unnecessary baggage and now about to actually board the plane!