(waving from afar)

It is not a contest to see if I can stay away.
But it is an effort--as I said, I love writing here.

I am still on Blog Break, but I thought I would just stop in and deposit a few ruminations I read
(from Aaron Karo) that made me laugh out loud:

*It's amazing how much "baggage" you're willing to over-look once you have some of your own.

*The dermatologist's nurse  told me to take off my shorts and leave my underwear on. Scribble down a quick note for next time: wear underwear to the dermatologist.

*Who is the idiot that decided search histories should be saved?

*Why does coffee smell so good in your cup but so bad on someone's breath?

*If a man serving a life sentence dies in prison, but only to be revived minutes later, has he served his sentence?

*Did you know that a large group of baboons is called a congress? That explains a lot now doesn't it?

*No matter how nice it is outside, I've never felt like I've wasted part of the day by taking a nap.

*I don't care how much you like the soap-NEVER be caught smelling your fingers while walking out of a public restroom.