I Love Writing On This Blog

But I am going to take a few weeks off to impose a personal retreat upon myself.
A thorough cleanse of both my mind and my body.
I am going into deep prayer, will eat and drink properly, exercise intensely and hopefully sleep better.
I will read/watch/listen to stuff healthy for my soul--which means, I may have to give up watching Homeland And Boardwalk Empire.....arrrrrgggghhhh.....

I am going to concentrate on living a life doing what I am meant to do.

I am going to practice replacing negative thoughts with positive and grateful ones.

I am going to do my best to keep the company of supportive and uplifting people.
And I will also focus on the fact that everyone has Good within them and it is up to me to see it.

I am going to choose the very best aspects of myself  and reinforce them.
I will not be harsh about my not-too-flattering qualities  but I won't pretend that they don't exist either--and instead I will leave them unattended until they eventually atrophy.

If you need to get word to me, call my mother because during this time I plan to call her more often.
I have been neglecting her.
Last night, out of the blue--Gabi decided to call her.
This surprised my mom because it is usually Kika that stays in touch with her.
Gabi told me that it made my mother so very happy.
It dawned on me that it does not take much to make another person happy.