I am

going to buy cold weather running clothes for a 5k race I am doing tomorrow morning.
I also need it so I can train during the winter months for a HALF-MARATHON in the spring of 2013.
It's seven months from now and  I am already REGISTERED for it. (Thanks to my sponsor CB)
Walang atrasan.
You read that right.

Running helps clear my mind.

Recently I was thinking of the Latin phrase:
Qui tacet consentire videtur--
(He who remains silent, gives their consent.)
It is worth a long run ponder on many levels.

I will write more about this later...but right now I need to walk to the neighborhood running store and purchase sleek clothes.
Hopefully it will make me run faster.

Have a good weekend everyone.
Be kind.
Be authentic.
Be well.

...this email was sent hastily by chesca from her cell phone.